Jonny Berliner - science through song

Education Engagement Entertainment

Science troubadour, Jonny Berliner, is a pioneer of the Geekpop genre. His unique geeky brand of comedy science songs were originally commissioned for the Guardian Science Podcast and have now been sung in all sorts of scientific places.

He’s sung about DNA at Cambridge's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution, and the Higg’s boson at the LHC! He’s performed alongside Robin Ince and Brian Cox at the Hammersmith Apollo, been the warm up act for Richard Dawkins, been featured on the Radio 4 Rambling Show, and played science festivals up and down the country.

Jonny is also an experienced science educator in the formal and informal education sectors, a playwright who has penned straight plays and musical comedies for both adult and young audiences and a versatile multi-instrumentalist.


Entertainment, Team Building or Message Clarification

Whether you are looking for entertainment for your corporate event, a team-building experience or a novel way to clarify your company's key messages, I can help.

Book  an evening of madcap pub-quiz-esque fun with UniverSilly Challenged or a comedy song performance. You can even commission a comedy song for the occasion.

Let your employees bond and harmlessly vent their frustrations by being part of a complaints choir, writing all of their minor gripes into a song and then joining together in harmony to let them out. 

The process of songwriting is also an excellent way to distill information into a clear and succinct message.  As someone who understands an audience and puts complex science into song I can work with you to turn your company message into a series of snappy statements that roll off the tongue. Songs can also be used for innovative and exciting explainer videos for your company.