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Book Jonny to bring a sci-tunes show to your school

Sci-Tunes are educational songs designed to work alongside the national curriculum. They can be used by teachers in lessons or by students at home for revision. Scroll down for videos.

The Sci-Tunes show includes demos, interactive games, animations, silliness – and plenty of songs. It works best for Key Stages 3 and 4, but can be adapted for younger or older students.

“A fun, fact-filled show! Jonny made science accessible by engaging students with great songs and humour. Our students loved the show as much as the staff did - highly recommended.”
Stuart Finch, Head of Science, Graveney School
“Jonny Berliner’s unique combination of science, songs and comedy are a breath of fresh air, and his show was very well received by our audience.  From exciting demos, to sing-along science, he had our audience rapt from the start”
Peter Gallivan, Family Programme Manager, The Royal Institution
"The event made some of the science my daughter is learning really fun, and the musical element was inspirational.  The presentation was energy packed"
Audience member, Cambridge Science Festival

Songs in the Classroom

Book Jonny to train you on using songs and songwriting in class

Songwriting is an excellent tool for embedding learning – but most teachers don’t feel confident in using it. The truth is anyone can use songwriting after a little training.

Songwriting helps students develop deep understanding of a topic while taking ownership of their revision materials. It also allows them to listen to their favourite music whilst they work!

Jonny was awarded the Anthony Waterhouse Fellowship by the Institute of Physics to create some resources to help you use songwriting in class. 

Click here for lesson plans, Powerpoints and cheat sheets


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