Jonny Berliner

Science Entertainment, Education, and Engagement through Song

Science troubadour, Jonny Berliner, is a pioneer of the Geekpop genre. His unique geeky brand of comedy science songs were originally commissioned for the Guardian Science Podcast and have now been sung in all sorts of scientific places.

He’s sung about DNA at Cambridge's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution, and the Higg’s boson at the LHC! He’s performed alongside Robin Ince and Brian Cox at the Hammersmith Apollo, been the warm up act for Richard Dawkins, been featured on the Radio 4 Rambling Show, and played science festivals up and down the country.

Jonny is also an experienced science educator in the formal and informal education sectors, a playwright who has penned straight plays and musical comedies for both adult and young audiences and a versatile multi-instrumentalist.

As an experienced presenter, songwriter, performer and playwright, I use my skills to spread scientific ideas. I do this because science is not only stupidly interesting, it is also important to understand science to make the best decisions for our health, to consider our impact on our environment and it is relevant in many of the big decisions we make as a society.

Scientific knowledge should be understandable and accessible for everyone regardless of age, scientific training gender or culture. However, many people are put off of scientific ideas by technical language, the notion that you have to be particularly clever to understand it, the way that they were taught in school, or the myth that scientists and creatives have opposite characters.

By using songs, comedy, discussion and story to create resources, shows and experiences that bring science to life, I overcome many of these barriers to scientific engagement making it understandable and memorable for all types of audience. Songs and songwriting are particularly good for this because of their ability to:

ENGAGE - create an emotional connection to the science.

FAMILIARIZE TECHNICAL LANGUAGE - introduce difficult words in a non-threatening way

CONVEY UNDERSTANDING - songs lay information out clearly and succinctly

ENHANCE MEMORY AND RECALL - melody, rhythm repetition and rhyme improve encoding and retrieval of memories

BRIDGE THE PERCEIVED GAP BETWEEN ARTS AND SCIENCE - songs help people identify with the scientific ideas even if they think they are not 'sciency'

Please explore my site. Use the resources, dance to the music, or find out if I can tailor make an experience for educational, outreach or corporate needs.